Colby Davis of Boston at the Newport International Boat Show

Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles. I'm Christon and we're here at the 2019 Newport International Boat Show with Lia Davis Lombara from Colby Davis of Boston. It is a fantastic jewelry line. Please tell us more about it.

My jewelry line is sterling silver with glass enamel. It is all made in Massachusetts and the chains are all made in Providence. Every single piece as a lovely beautiful glass enameled cover.

On the back, you will see a message that corresponds to the design. For instance if you take a peek at our little new anchor design right here, on the back it is says, Love Anchors the Soul. This is the front, this is the back. They come in three sizes, small, medium and large.

You can mix and match, you can layer them and you can design your own specific style. Well you are going to see a lot of this product here at this show, almost everybody seems to be wearing it and believe me by the end of today I will definitely be walking away with a piece that I Iove. How do you make these, where do you make these?

We make them in Attleboro Massachusetts. We design them, myself and my two daughters. We have them all stamped and made in Attleboro so all made in Massachusetts.

All made in the USA. That's great! How did you come up with the name of your company? My two daughters middle names, Colby and Davis. Taylor and Lexi's middle names.

How long have you been in business? 5 years. How have they influenced you in your designs? In so many ways, I have my design style and they have theirs. We just collaborate together and we just try to make it work.

We are different generations so you can be a 90 year old down to a 9 year old and still wear our product. Men wear it as well. What are some of the men's lines? The will men wear the compass rose, some will wear the St Christopher's, some wear the anchors, so men will definitely wear our product.

That is really cool. I have a son, my daughters are triplets, my son will wear them as well. Both men and women. How many boat shows do you attend a year?

We participate in about, I would say about three Do you do any other conventions? We do the Greenwich Wine and Food Festival, the Nantucket Wine and Food Festival, so we do wine and food festivals plus we do boat shows. Plus we sell online, and we sell in stores.

We sell in about 100 stores in the east coast, between Massachusetts and Florida and west to about Illinois Do you get a lot of international sales on your website? Some, some international What is your website? Where can people go to find your product? [email protected] No, that's my email. No, no, I take that back!

She is like , don't email me! Unless you want to buy product! Right, unless you want to buy product. What are your daughters favorite pieces?

My daughter Taylor loves the guardian angel and my daughter Lexi, she wears the sand dollar a lot and sometimes she wears the compass rose. I would say those are their tops and mine is the mother daughter knot. I love the mother daughter knot , which is this one. Oh I didn't know that is what that was. Yep, it says, Mother Daughter Ever Lasting Love.

I Iove that one, which we will all three will wear. They are great gifts. They are, they are wonderful gifts, they are good holiday gifts, great graduation gifts. Any single holiday or occasion that you can come up with. Do you have a fun history story about any one particular piece, something sentimental that somebody has shared with you?

I would probably say the guardian angel. There are so many people that either it's a really happy guardian angel story, where there is a new baby or something fabulous or sometimes it is a sad one, but it is still a great memento for them. It is touching. Yes, very touching.

Any interesting testimonials you would like to share with us. Where somebody has called you and said, Oh my gosh, this is…. I would say the sister one.

On the back it says God Made Us Sisters, but Our Hearts Made Us Friends, is always a huge one, we get lots of calls saying my sister loved this or I bought this and we have 3 or 4 sisters. Quite honestly the dog pendant, is a very good one. People loose their dogs or they buy a new dog, that is a huge pendant for us as well. What is your hottest selling item? By far, it would be the compass rose first, all the Celtic knots, the tree of life, the forever friends, the mother daughter are definitely amongst the most favorites.

The bee. I have seen a lot of people with the bee's on and in gold! What is the bee? On the back is says, Bee Kind, Bee Good, Bee Happy.

That is a popular one as well. I love the Bee, love love love. I saw someone wearing them as earrings. Yes, we have them as earrings, we have them as pendants, we have them as sometimes, you can wear them on a bracelet as well Do you have anything in store that you can share with us that might be up and coming for next years show?

We do, we have some great new , I don't want to say too much, just a little. Secret , Secret. There are some great inspiring, inspirational, meaningful, a whole new series of fabulous designs that is going to be , It won't actually be released until January.

They will be great! Stay tuned! What is your favorite boat show ever? This one! The Newport International Boat Show. #1 ! The best one!

It is really fun! It is really Fun! Thank you so much for joining us today, it was a lot of fun getting to know you, your history and your jewelry and I love this display , it is a boat It is a boat! Well thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you on Newport Living and Lifestyles

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